Free! should Vic be in Free!

  • We all know Vic really wants to be in Free! and who ever agrees should post what do you think?

    OMG Vic should be in Free!

    This was a statement used in Manchester 2014 and there was a huge round of cheering fan girls wanting this to happen.

    I personally think he would make a great contribution to the anime series, he has a huge fan base which is always a good promotion to selling the series.

    Vic fan.

  • sure, as long as he is an adult. if he's one of the boys, he'll probably sound like Ed Elric, and the only person who should sound sound like Ed Elric is Ed Elric

    Also, once again, this is in the wrong sub forum

  • They'll have to license the first season first, I would think. It's tough to imagine that they would dub the second season without first licensing the first season, much like with Milky Holmes and Minami-ke

  • This is a forum that was created to see the type of response there would be about Vic

    Also to see if other people would agree to the statement that was announced at Manchester 2014 MCM Comicon.

    He is a great voice actor who enjoys his work and loves his fans and this maybe the wrong forum to you but it is only a Vic fan putting their own opinion on the topic.

    I hope the liecense for the series is purchased soon as I think Free! is an amazing series as do others, even if it isn't purchased by funimation I think that the series will do well.

    Vic fan

  • @andreahr5:

    This is a forum that was created to see the type of response there would be about Vic

    Doesn't matter. It was created to gauge people's interest in whether or not he should be in the show Free, so therefore it counts as a Free topic and belongs in the Free forum.

    Which is where it's going.

  • Honestly I find Vic to be a spot on Rin and I don't think they could have cast a better person.

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