• I would like to make a thread discussing RWBY from Rooster Teeth. Now, we know that it's been gaining popularity for the past year or so. Now, while it's not technically an anime, people have been treating it like one. Heck, it's even on

  • I don't mind people talking about RWBY, but like hell am I gonna let this topic be in the Anime section.

    Moving to Member's Lounge.

  • People Like Grapes

  • Yep, people like grapes. So, what are your thoughts on the newest episode?

  • I personally enjoyed the Vol.1 and am enjoying the start of Vol.2. Definitely like the changes they have made regarding backgrounds and background characters. Has a much better feel.

  • Great to see that you all have been enjoying it so far.

  • X-Ray & Vav

  • Yep, people love comic books.

  • Wow, I can't believe that no one has started discussing what they thought about Season 2 of RWBY.

    So far this season we have started to learn more about the structure of the world and how the 4 kingdoms get along with each other. The World of Remnant episodes air once every 4 episodes and while the episode consist of short clips explaining 1 topic about RWBY, it slowly forms a picture about the events that are taking place in RWBY.

    The White Fang, Torchwick, Cinder, Ironwood, Ozpin, and the Black Queen are starting to make their moves before an all out world breaks between the 4 kingdoms. The importance of the 4 communication towers throughout the world has been hinted at. For whatever reason Cinder decided to enter the towers after the place was closed down to the public and access the computers within. This action may lead to the shutdown of 1 or all the communication towers throughout the world.

  • Volume 2 finished last month. So, what do you think?

  • I love this series! The characters are all so colorful and the fight sequences are animated beautifully. Plus, I really enjoy listening to its soundtrack.

    Moreover, I like how Monty is finding new ways on how RWBY can continuously improve in between each volume hiatus. Looking forward to Volume 3/Season 3 (whatever they are calling it) ^_^

  • I can't wait until Volume 3 either.

  • Some sad news. Monty Oum has passed away.


  • Oh no. I had seen the information about him being sick and the fundraiser but this is terrible.

    Thank you for posting this.

  • That's terrible news. He was so young too.

  • It is always a sad thing when someone passes away.

    Even more so when you are somewhat inspired by the work they accomplished while still alive.

    Also, that fundraiser was insane. I still can't believe just how much money they were able to raise in just 2 days time.

    As of right now, the fundraiser collected a total of $200,543.

    This group definitely has a loyal and generous fan base.

  • This was a terrible Tragedy. He will be missed. RWBY was definitely one of his best. Its sad to see him go. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  • Terrible news about Monty. He was a great animator, and the fact that making RWBY was one of his life-long dreams being turned into a reality serves as an inspiration.

  • Monty was and is a great man and an awesome animator. I was shocked hearing the news of his death. I hope that Rooster Teeth (odd name for a company) will make season 3 out of loyalty and commitment to Monty. I really hate it how they left off season 2 in a cliffhanger. Love to see more of the other teams other than Team RWBY (Ruby) and Team JNPR (Juniper). Love to see more of Team CFVY (Coffee) and Team SSSN (Sun).

    I hope they don't cancel the series just because Monty died. It will not be right for his fans to experience this. How can Ruby carry such an huge weapon as Crimson Rose?

    So how come RWBY is not on the list of episodes and series on the app? Did FUNimation distribute the show on DVD?

  • @Hanssen01:

    So how come RWBY is not on the list of episodes and series on the app? Did FUNimation distribute the show on DVD?

    FUNimation doesn't have the rights to it. Crunchyroll has it for online streaming and the DVDs are put out by Warner Brothers.

  • Rooster Teeth is still my all time favorite "slip one under the radar" names of all time. :3

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