Funimation worth it, now?

  • So a couple of months ago I cancelled my CR subscription, before they obtained, Sailor Moon Crystal, Akame ga Kill, Free and SAO I guess. But now that I'm a Funimation Elite member I'm not to entirely sure I want to keep it.
    For those who care, I can only have one subscription.

    I've had Hulu plus, it was ok didn't like the ads but loved their selection.

    I absolutely LOVE Funimation's catalog but at the current moment their simulcast is, in my opinion, lacking. They have Tokyo Ghoul, Free and Black Butler, the main I'm watching on Funimation.

    And CR I hate that they don't have dub but, I like that most of the time they have the simulcast for that season.

    So I'm asking the forums, if there is any, because looking through some of these forums, they seem to not be that popular unlike CR which are stupidly popular, on what should I keep. I know at the end it's totally my decision but I want some feedback from, Elite members, non-Elite members and people just looking at the forums for no reason.
    So in the end what do you guys think?

    Should I wait out Funimation to see where it leads?
    Go back to CR?
    Or God-forbid, Hulu Plus?

    ….I'm pretty sure no one would respond besides maybe just one person, oh well TT_TT

  • I'd say consider what you want most now and then see what the future brings. Do you want simulcasts more, or do you want dubs? Funi seems to be getting more simulcasts lately, but they still don't have the same amount as CR.

    Hulu Plus… I've not returned to Hulu for a while now since they started upping the number of ads per video and they also include ads in their paid content, which I'm not a fan of. Hulu is a nice blend of shows from different providers though.

    I'm also going to be facing a similar decision at the end of the year when my subscriptions to both CR and Funi expire.

    And yeah, the forums here are much less active than CR or many other places.

  • I have all three but I'm not sure why I keep Hulu Plus… I understand they're trying to give you the most content they can at reduced prices, but really? I pay for that many ads? I think I'm over that one.

    As for Funi or Crunchy, I don't mind subs and have been learning Japanese so it doesn't bother me too much... If you really like dubs, though, Funi is definitely the place even though they haven't picked up some of the better shows lately.

    On the other hand though, the subscription cost is under $10 a month for each. To put that into perspective, going to the movies now a days costs at least that much for only a couple hours of entertainment, where as you have dozens of hours of entertainment using your subscriptions to Funi or Crunchy per month. I know it's hard to work within a limited budget but for the most bang for your buck I'd definitely do both subscriptions. Just my thoughts.

  • I have a FUNI, CR, Netflix, and Amazon Prime subs. I cancelled Hulu Plus a while back. Didn't like paying to watch 2 minutes of advertisements every 7 minutes.

    I think FUNI is worth it. I prefer Simulcasts and some dubbed content. The same goes for CR. I sub CR for their Simulcasts and for titles FUNI didn't license. If you have the financial means, I'd recommend subbing both FUNI and CR. Nothing wrong with having multiple avenues for legal streaming content.

  • Funimation is totally worth it. Even their past works are worth a go like Yu Yu Hakusho.

  • I have both (as well as Netflix), as they're all worth it to me, but if, as you say, you like more simulcasts, Crunchyroll has more. I agree with the others above that the combined charge for both Crunchyroll and Funimation is extremely reasonable, so if you can stretch things out, it'd be worth it.

  • Hulu Plus is not worth it unless you don't have access to a computer since pretty much the only main differences between Plus and regular are that with Plus, you can watch on tv, mobile devices and consoles, and get less commercials. There's less of a selection since they have to reacquire rights to shows, however, some seasons of shows are only available on Plus. As for choosing between CR and Funi, Crunchyroll is worth it, Funi's EVS is not.

  • Of all the streaming services I've subbed to, FUNi's offers the best selection for dubbed content. If subs are more your thing, then CR is the way to go. As others have already mentioned, having both is ideal. Netflix had a decent selection of anime for awhile, but I dropped it in favor of FUNi and haven't looked back since. I do miss Netflix's stability - Silverlight FTW - but the sheer volume of available titles here outweighs the inconvenience.

  • Sincy you can really only choose between Crunchy and Funi for a paid subscription and have interest in dubs then I'd go with Funi for the dubs and the HD-on-mobile simulcasts. Crunchy is very usable with a free account as all the content is available with just a one week delay, so if you can manage it then IMO a free Crunchyroll account + Funi Elite sub is the best of the choices.

  • there's also TheAnimeNetwork for shows that sentai has, but its really only worth it for the dubs since every show they have is also on Crunchy roll, but only in Japanese. $8/month

  • I highly perfer to pay the $15 a month netflix ask for the blurays in the mail and the streaming. Netflix also gives you access to 1000s of movies, 100s of tv shows, live action shows, just coming out of the movies video access, and great bothead MAX to help make finding something easy to watch off of millions of other people suggestions that says if the movie was The bomb, a dud, or just ok from previous things you watched. Least I can watch the animes on the big screen in the best possible high streaming format possible without the 100's issues happening hourly (buffering, random video skips, site page issues, broken episodes, long load times, needing new pc updates every few days, random volume changes, ads, payment issues, support that takes months to reply back, and more) that funi, CR, and hulu seem to excel in. Plus I dont have to watch and hurt my eyes on this stupid 21" pc monitor, just trying to read those blasted subs titles that just seem to do a blinking light show!

  • For me Funimation is a supplement rather than a replacement to Netflix which is amazing for all the reasons you stated and more. I know the mobile ap can be extremely frustrating, at least for me when I use it to work out everyday, but if you want dubbed anime content you can stream this is the only game in town. Even the anime selection on Netflix, and there is some really good stuff, almost all it comes Funimation and there is a lot more here than what's there. If a person has to choose, Netflix wins hands down, even in the anime department it will take you about a month or two to get through it, but there is enough content here to last anyone years rather than months no matter how much you watch and unlike Netflix more is added all the time. Netflix itself convinced me to get the streaming service here because everything I watched there told me I should be watching funimation when I started each episode.

  • I have Netflix,though I don't pay for it, and the anime selection they have isn't that great. I don't watch Netflix for the simulcast because I believe they don't even do that. I rarely watch Netflix, the last time was around a month ago, and I don't care much for movies and TV shows. Netflix to me is worthless, no simulcast, and it updates its anime selection really, really slow, stuff I probably already seen so Netflix is out of the question.

    It's mainly between CR and Funi. For example, I've been keeping up on Tokyo Goul because Funi is simulcasting it, but not with Akame ga KIll, Sailor Moon, and SAO. But Funi's Dub is making me stay because of their titles and actual dub compared to CR's practically no dubs.

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