Viz Subtitle Flakiness

  • Something tells me this is probably an old hat complaint if I'm not just bizarrely unlucky, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is up with Viz and their apparently really spotty implementation of text + song only subs in their home video releases.

    Up until recently I only owned two of their releases, Death Note and Buso Renkin. Both of them had the obnoxious flaw of a complete lack of a second sub option for when you are watching the dub and don't need subs for the dialogue but would be nice to have them for the songs and much more necessary for translating any Japanese text that would pop up. So this would mean i had to constantly turn the subs on and off during the shows. This was a constant for Buso Renkin but for some unknown and bizarre reason I think the last disc or two of Deathnote Vol 2 actually had the option all of a sudden.

    I didn't understand why but i tried to choc it up to some bizzare policy several years ago and hoped that some sort of common sense would have come over them in the preceding years. Well recently I have purchased three more of their titles (watched two) and have found the same problem yet again but with inconsistent variation over the cumulative three vol of the two titles i have watched so far. First K had the lack of a second sub option but during the dub would translate some of the text that appeared but not all the text translated in the subtitles. Then there is Accel World Vol. 1 with no text translations at all without the general sub titles turned on (really obnoxious to do on a PS3 without the BU player remote). Then for some reason Vol.2 of AW has the second sub option like any and every other sane dub producer out there.

    So I have the two vols of Nura season one and im feeling fairly confident that one or both of them will be lacking the second sub option and I was just wondering if anyone out there could explain to me why Viz has this seemingly schitzo and apparently reflexively nonsensical policy when it comes to the second sub option?

  • It's something that they're just NOW starting to do. I believe the Ranma 1/2 bluray was the first release of theirs to feature subtitles for music and on-screen text. Ever since Charlene started working there, Viz has started making a lot of improvements in the quality of their releases, this being one of them. So I believe it's safe to assume that most, if not all, of their releases following Accel World volume 2 should have a song/sub track from now on.

  • well, i will believe in this change when i see it more consistently.

    But why did it take them over 15 years to figure our something that most any other dubing company has probably always known; that if the viewer is watching it in english they probably can't read Japanese and could use a little help in the form of translations. Did they have some sort of logic in what would seem to be a practice that is just going to frustrate and alienate the people you are trying to market to with the dubs to begin with.

  • VIZ is a flaky company in general, but yeah they don't usually translate on-screen text and I find it annoying.

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