Any good PG Anime (For younger people)

  • i wanna watch anime ALOT and some of it is not good for kids i have 3 younger siblings who come in my room alot and the anime i watch kids should not see so im wondering is there any good pg anime that dont want any swars or stuff like that whats some good PG anime??? it gets annoying like kids cant see AOT or stuff like that it has swars and lots of gore and blood they are still young so i kinda wanna know good anime i dont have to turn off when they come in my room.

  • I could list many but you probably can't find many on Funimation… I may be totally wrong, but I haven't noticed too many titles on Funimation that I would categorize as "PG." Of course, I haven't watched every show but most of them seem to be on the edgy side with violence and or fan service. For slice of life shows, sports anime and romance, most of which I would put in the "PG" category, I'd look at some other anime streaming services. Don't get me wrong, a lot of Funimation shows are great... for younger audiences though I don't know.

  • Having said that Bamboo Blade is a great place to start, Shakugan no Shana is good if you don't mind a little violence… Same with A Certain Magical Index although there may be some gory parts if I remember. Mushi-Shi if you don't mind some supernatural stuff that may or may not scare some younger audiences. There are a few now that I think of it.

    Oh... and Barakamon is great so far too. I guess you can find them, just seems like some other services pick up more of those types of shows lately.

  • you can try
    fairy tail
    srgt frog
    baka & test
    inari kon kon

    as i have watched alot of anime on this site reguarless what the rateing system is you still need to watch a couple eps at least to make sure it fits your catagory

  • I second Bamboo Blade and Sgt. Frog. Fairy Tail has a bit too much fanservice and Mushi-Shi might go over their heads.

    Also, there's always the classics like Dragon Ball and One Piece.

  • Ok thanks guys :D

  • im ok with violence i just dont want my little sibblings seeing that

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