Senran Kagura Collection not "Complete"

  • I bought the LE because I thought it was a complete collection including the 6 Special Episodes/OVA's. When I received my copy, they didn't not appear to be there. I checked your website to see if I was wrong and sure enough, I was not. Just recently you changed the desription with out explaining to people who pre-order what is going on and why it was marked complete, when it is not complete. Can I get an explanation on what happened?

    Original listing

    Listing now

  • Yeah, the info was quietly updated just today and now OVAs are not included. Way to go. I won't buy the show.

  • @jakewil85:

    Yeah, the info was quietly updated just today and now OVAs are not included. Way to go. I won't buy the show.

    Either you weren't going to buy the show anyway and are just saying it in order to show your general disapproval for a company, which comes off as childish, or you're petty enough that you would now no longer want to buy a show because a couple extras (all of which are no more than a few minutes) aren't coming with the physical series, which is equally childish

  • We have recently been made aware of an error in listings for Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! which stated that the release includes six OVA episodes. We do not have the rights to these extras, and they are not included on the release.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Thank you!

  • Not gonna lie, this is kind of a low blow coming from FUNimation.

    I'm personally not interested in Senran Kagura or the omakes, so I'm not personally bothered by their absence. However, it's very irresponsible on FUNimation's part to have had the extras listed for months in advance as being included, only for the DVDs to be shipped and credit cards charged before the customers discovered that they simply were not there. Although I doubt it was FUNi's intention to purposefully mislead people, this does come across as pretty blatant false advertising.

    They should have edited the listing and released a statement on their blog about the omakes not being included months ago. That way, while I'm sure there would still be some people who would be upset over not getting the omakes, at least they would've been informed about the changes to their order long beforehand. The way FUNimation has handled this makes them come across as either deceitful or incompetent, and has left them with with a lot of egg on their faces and a lot of explaining to do.

    I do really love FUNimation as a company in general, and they're still easily my favorite of the R1 distributors. But some of the major mistakes they've been making as of late (Sankarea, Ben-To, and now this) are just getting inexcusable. They seriously need to do a major overhaul in their quality control and PR departments to make sure these sorts of problems are straightened out on time so these types of embarrassing debacles don't ever happen again. Whoever is handling things for them now just ain't cutting it, because I'm pretty sure this never would've happened if Charlene was still around.

    This now has me worried about the Hellsing: The Dawn shorts as well as the Drifters OVA that were supposed to be coming with Hellsing: Ultimate 9 & 10, which as of this moment, are not listed as extras. Drifters I'm honestly not expecting them to include, but the Dawn episodes are KINDA important. :hmm:

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