Discussion of Funimation Shows

  • It's kind of sad that everyone goes to other sites like Crunchy to discuss shows released on Funimation…. Is everyone afraid to get flamed over here or is it a matter of the number of people on other forums compared to here? Or is it the way things are set up? Just wondering, I understand the want for a bigger audience to read your posts but if nobody ever posts over here it will never take off. I'd personally love to see both sites do well.

  • I think it's mostly because there isn't a whole lot of activity here.

  • @Firefly:

    I think it's mostly because there isn't a whole lot of activity here.

    Yeah, plus I was already posting and discussing on other forums before I joined FUNi's forums. It doesn't help that the community is much more fractured here. Maybe if there was a single folder to discuss all the current shows, it might be a bit easier to get discussions going here.

  • There's not enough discussion threads here about rationalizing your sexist and social anxiety issues through rhetorical questions

  • Also the Funimation forums are still broken for me when trying to find new topics, this is especially crippling when trying to visit the individual show forums.

  • The old site had a much larger bit of activity I'd say. But once the forums were taken down and with how long the new site took to be put up, most either never realized it was up or probably just didn't care anymore. More likely, they just stopped caring. Then there's also the pile of issues that are still ongoing.

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