My bride is a mermaid

  • im proably not gonna get any views since this is my first post but i recently watched my bride is a mermaid and i thought it was good but it i never saw a wedding and i guess this a ending but i would like for there to be a movie a special maybe more just some way to end it with a good memory or keep going with the series maybe while their in college i would really like for someone to tell me if they will ever consider this or if they think the same thank you please respond and bye

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  • It's a good show but I doubt there will be any more to it. Your best bet is to check out the manga to see if it goes farther or not.

  • It is a good show, and for the wedding…... remember they are still kids in school so I think it may be awhile. Now a OVA that updates things would be nice. Chances of that are pretty slim though.

  • I loved this show and I would've liked it if they at least brought it up to the wedding, that I think it make the story complete.

  • I'm wondering if there is a season 2 manga because the ending to the manga just makes you feel like you are missing something because it leaves it open for more to be added

  • Oh wait nvm I see that the manga currently is not completed so nvm forget my previous post

  • Why did it my bride is mermaid end anyway? Did not make enough money for it to continue it?

  • @unstoppableepic:

    Did not make enough money for it to continue it?

    no, it had decent, above average sales.

  • @unstoppableepic:

    Why did it my bride is mermaid end anyway??

    Because it was done. :hmm:

  • Well at least the manga is still going I know that the season is near the end but you never know they could end up making another season of it. It's not likely but you still never know.

  • no, the manga was completed over 4 years ago

  • Then how is it that no matter where I look for the last volume I can't find it.
    I have searched up my bride is a mermaids manga and everywhere I look it says that it not completed


    Number of tankoubon: 16
    Number of pages: 175
    2010-05-22 to 2010-11-22
    (serialized in Gangan Joker)

  • Well they just left the ending with me thinking what is going on

  • I finally got around to finishing this series…. My goodness, MBM is the epic awesomeness. Totally wish that this was somehow re-loaded and yes, I realize FUN has nothing to do with that) However, I wish that their delegation would somehow advocate at say an industry panel in Japan. Maybe they could present it like, "Many of our elite subscribers have a desire for more of this series - - if that could be possible to keep exposure high...." I'm not sure they could leverage in this fashion, I'm just trying to throw ideas out there in order to get more of this and other series like it. I tried to do my part.... I bought the complete DVD set and not the S.A.V.E. version, lol. What is the chief difference between S.A.V.E. and regular? Different voice talent the second time around? Does it also seem like the audio quality is shortened? Anyway, yes officer Mawari, I most definitely need a lesson in the rules of society :-)
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  • @P.J.:

    I bought the complete DVD set and not the S.A.V.E. version, lol. What is the chief difference between S.A.V.E. and regular?

    S.A.V.E. is cheaper, otherwise identical. They're the same discs.

  • Wow. Figured my post wouldn't see the light of day…. Then, out of nowhere, TIL Nobu responds!

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