For season 3 make tomoki in love with Ikaros agreed?

  • Im going insane because of this i will not go on wuth life untill tomoki becomes in love with ikaros and they live happily ever after lol

  • But what about Sohara, or Nymph, or Astrea, they all love him too, why can't he love them too, you're so heartless, how could you be such a terrible person

    I'm kidding. He'll never really fall in love with any of them because he's the main character in an extremely perverted harem. There's never going to be a third season because the upcoming movie is confirmed as a final edition of Heaven's Lost Property

  • The movie is kinda what i meant ina way But come on dont you feel the same way as me a little i think Ikaros is perfect for tomoki and it actually makes me mad that he does not take that chance with her. But yur right he cant really fall in love with her because of everyone else.

  • No because she has WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • I agree he wont fall in love with any of them but I would choose Nymph if it was me lol but idk about the movie being the final project I read some othe forums about there being a season 3 after the movie.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I haven't even got into the series yet and even "I" think that Tomoki should had made an emotional move by now. But alas, he's just a perverted man who was given an opportunity of love (out of pure luck) and he just wasted it…in my opinion of course.

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