Sub-only streaming subscription

  • Being deaf, I cannot watch dubbed episodes as they come out for EVS. Most of times, subbed of home video versions for TV and movies would not be available for weeks or months. I would have to buy products if I want to watch them uncut. So why should I pay in full for EVS if I cannot watch dubbed and having to wait for subbed of home video? My suggestion is for a sub-only streaming subscription at suitable price.


  • It's me again. How nice of you doing broadcast dub. Now I can add another reason why I do not subscribe. Still wait for sub-only streaming subscription.


  • what more could you want from a simulcast. you get the episode of what ever you are watching completely subbed and uploaded usually within an hour of it airing in Japan

  • Simulcasts aren't uncensored though, and typically the uncensored subbed versions are released a few weeks prior to the home video release

    Regardless, a sub-only subscription seems redundant, especially since virtually everything else from Funimation comes in a package deal. The subscription is for the full package, and it's still pretty cheap compared to buying the home releases, even if you aren't using all the available content. It's not really much different than Funimation packaging the dub version with the sub in the same home video release, or putting the Blu-Ray and DVD versions together in one package

    You'll have to accept that uncensored video is a premium asset, and that it comes along with the dubs

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