Any novel recommendations?

  • Hi I have to read a novel for school and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for me. It cant be a graphic novel or manga but if possible I would love to one similar to any of the following manga series
    -Death Note
    -Code Geass
    -Liar Games
    -Future Diary
    -Hell Girl
    If you don't know any novels like these I would also be happy to hear any novel recommendations you have in general :) Also I did read the Death Note novel about the BB murders already.

  • What general grade/reading level? Does it need to be arguably a "classic" or will anything with words work? Is there a certain length it needs to be?

  • Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind is a good read. The TV series based on it (Legend of the Seeker) sucked because it deviated from the novels. The story is written from a more mature perspective which lends it a more gritty reality factor absent from similar fare, like Terry Brooks' Shannara series. IMHO, of course. I'm not saying Shannara isn't a good read, by any means, as I love the series, but the Sword of Truth series seems more adult orientated, thus more inclined for a manga/graphic novel/anime adaptation.

  • Battle Royale is a Manga series similar to Future Diary.You could read the novel it was based on by Koushun Takami.Or Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa,if you read and liked Vagabond,although it is 900+ Pages.

  • Reading novels vs reading manga vs watching anime are all different mediums. What you may love in a novel is impossibly dull in a movie, or vice versa.

    What reading level are you at? I could recommend some stuff, but it might not be enjoyable for you. (Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is excellent IMO, but not necessarily easy or fun.).

    Looking at the series you picked, I'd guess thenrunning thrad is 'mindgames, peppered with serious political/personal consequences.' I'm none too familiar with that genre in novel form (my first thought was "Silence of the Lambs", but that's WAY too gruesome for anyone.)

    I recommend Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson - fast paced, extremely smart, and gut-bustingly funny. (IMO, it'd make a great Production I.G. series, like a light-hearted Psycho Pass).

    I also encourage The Spice & Wolf novels, because it's easy to digest but surprisingly entertaining one you get going. Holo & Lawrence know how to con a conman: with the power of Market Forces!

    Anything else you cans share about this assignment? What is the purpose of you reading it? Will there be a report? What kind of stuff will you be doing with it?

  • you should read Maxum Ride
    sorry for spelling/

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