Still no Samsung app ??

  • Been waiting for it , was listed as coming soon , now that's gone (for a while now) . Is there going to be one for the blu-ray players & smart tvs ?

  • Yah same im waiting for it to i have it on my ipod my xbox and my pc lol but im waiting for it one day it will come out one day….

  • I'm sure they're working on it, it's just that their developers are super slow…. I'm thinking it's a limited budget issue, Funimation likely doesn't have the capital to push projects through very quickly. Unfortunate, because it loses customers, but at the same time it's reality and you can only do what you can do.

    I'd just be happy with a Samsung app that isn't a train wreck like the last one. If they need time to accomplish that, then by all means take the time to produce a quality app. Until then, there are other ways to access the content although they may not always be the most convenient for some users.

  • Just for moral support, same here

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