Episodes 167 through 175 missing.

  • These episodes are not available. Are they just waiting to sell them on dvd before they allow them for streaming? Or is it a licensing issue?

  • they are not missing.
    two eps are curently beeing uploaded every week on tuesday

  • Yeah they add NEW episodes. I'm looking at it now. It's episode 166, Pandemonium, then right after is episode 176, King of the Dragons. I'm pretty sure it isn't just mislabeled because i detected a serious plot gap when i started watching it.

  • Yes, they add 2 episodes of the original anime (which is why not all of them are there yet), and one brand new episode for the simulcast. The episodes are uploaded weekly, you can confirm this by checking the schedule.

  • Im confused so is the episodes being uploaded still if so why are the rest already there?

  • Because Fairy Tail and Fairy Tail (2014) are technically two different series. They were licensed at two different times, and for a while Funimation only had the rights to the first 48 episodes before they started releasing two backlog episodes per week. The new series started before they finished uploading all the older episodes, and they managed to license the new series immediately for streaming, which is why new episodes are being released before the backlog episodes have been fully uploaded

  • so i just have to wait but do you buy any chance know how long or am i suppose to check the schedule to see

  • oh and thanks for the info :)

  • fairy tail season 6 aka the missing eps are avalible on tuesdays two eps at a time are uploaded not shure at what time they upload them
    fairy tail season 7 avalible on fridays at 10pm eastern
    you could use the queue like i do and just remember fairy tail is on tuesdays and fridays hope this helps

  • is it there permanently or just for that day is on the website or are you talking about the channel

  • @kealailiahi:

    is it there permanently or just for that day is on the website

    thats the days funi uploads them to the website
    as long as they have the rights to stream any of their shows they will keep it up permently.
    in other words fairy tail episodes are currently being uploaded on tuesdays and fridays for you to watch anytime you would like :) and all the original eps as well :)

  • Does that mean they will show up on HuluPlus as well? I've been watching it there and just hit this snag!

  • 172 just showed up. Only three more to go, and then Fairy Tail will be up to speed.

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