The Continuing Dubbing of Detective Conan

  • It has been a while since Funimation dubbed Detective Conan. Detective Conan is a great anime filled with mystery, emotions, and suspense.
    Funimation stopped at episode 130 of this anime ,and they haven't dubbed it in 10 years. Even though, this anime is still on in 2014. Now Funimation fans if you buy Detective Conan dvds you will enjoy them. The endings will surprise you and make you watch again to see how it happened, so please Funimation continue this awesome anime of mystery. What makes this show truly fans of anime is that every time you watch the episodes it feels different from the previous times, so buy Funimation's Case Closed episodes 1 through 130 (That's the name of Detective Conan in North American countries).

  • So uh…what's the point of this thread? They're never dubbing more and it's been said so many times you could probably print all the times it's been said and go through about 100 black ink cartridges. Quit asking.

  • FUNimation's answer is no. That's been their answer for years now. This is nothing new and you're far from the first person to ask this.

    Locking this thread up.

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