Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Marathon play

  • Hi guys,

    There is something that I don't like about the Marathon play for the new DBZ Blu-ray season sets.
    Sometimes, during the introduction (also "Previously on…" for the episode (which is skipped when doing marathon play) there is a new short scene with a few new things that weren't present in the previous episode, but isn't present in the current episode either.
    So the marathon play skips some content.
    I know it isn't much, but still, it's something.

    I hope I'm being clear, probably not, but oh well.

    Is there someway to bypass this or am I just overlooking something?


  • Well, if it gets on your nerves, you could always play it the old fashioned way and just manually skip the credits and next episode previews.

    That's probably not the answer you were looking for, but that's really all I can think of. Sorry. O.o

  • This release doesn't have next episode previews.

  • @SupremeSSj:

    This release doesn't have next episode previews.

    If you're watching in marathon mode (which I assume you are, since you're posting in a thread for the marathon mode feature), then previews are skipped during this playback mode.

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