Why is this site so hard to navigate.

  • I have been a Crunchyroll subscriber for years. I do have a Funimation subscription but I seldom watch it. When I'm on chrunchy I can find the anime's I'm watching quickly and I know what episode I'm on. Not so with Funimation. It's web design is cluttered and not clean. If you go to an series page the episodes aren't even in order. It is impossible to keep track of what you watched if you are watching more then 5 series at once.

    So My question is why does this web site suck so much? The streaming quality is not as good as Crunchyrolls

  • The series episodes are in order if you want them to be. Look at the top of the list as all the episodes are in order by latest, sequence, or top rated. You also have some other filters you can predefine such as resolution, language and such.

    As for streaming quality, are you watching things in the same resolution from one site to the next? I did a quick comparison on the same episode of Attack on Titan as both have it and with the same resolution selected for both, they are fairly similar in quality for SD 480p content. They might not be a match perfectly as it depend on what encoder is used for each site also. As for HD content I wouldn't know as I can't compare HD 720p and above content since I'm not a Crunchyroll member and I'm am forced to view 480p only content.

  • I'm sorry you feel that way. I absolutely love Funimation Elite. I've experienced nothing but good things.

  • Is you've added shows to your queue it keeps track of where you at there just like it does on our CR accounts. Personally I don't find the Funi site that hard to navigate. Worst I could complain about was video play back . But after there last big update that's not even an issues anymore.

  • same on my xbox i can only see 1 anime do i need to be a elite member or no idk i love this site i mean i love it a lot it is just a little hard to use but its ok with me

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