Where is Bakaramon?

  • Hey there! You announced at Anime Expo that you're going to be streaming Bakaramon, but it's not even on the site yet. It's one of the series I've really been looking forward to this season, so can you tell me what's going on? It's been a few weeks since it started airing and since the announcement so…..... Where is the series hiding?

  • That is what I'd like to know also. I think 2 episodes are out with a third this weekend.

  • I posted about this a few weeks ago and nothing still. A representative from Funimation did let me know that they're working on getting the series but that was last week and still no more word about it…. I'm starting to think they're going to "Netflix" it and show the series when it's complete. Perhaps the Japanese TV company is playing hardball with the license? Whatever the case, I'm very disappointed with Funimation's absence of transparency. I don't pay money to be left in the dark about things.

  • Hi Lilac. Welcome to the forums. ~_^

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