Rosario Vampire Episode 9 Ending Fight

  • Okay, YES! I have returned lml just to say a couple things a be on my merry way I started watching the Anime again and well I'm on episode 9 which in the end was a huge bummer because most who watched had expected another great and lovely fight instead in the next episode we get her "Ruby" Waking up from inside the tent with the rest of the Group after getting beating to a pulp with no action at all lml Just saying it was total Brain **** seriously. :D

  • Yeah, I thought the ending of Summer Break and a Vampire thru the beginning of Sunflowers and a Vampire was a mindblower too. But I quickly forgave it because the other girls (Inner Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore) would have overkilled Ruby for piercing Tsukune’s body (and we can't have that). However, even with the little knowledge that we know about, the pieces can be easily put together with the following scenario:

    Inner Moka (with her Rosario still hanging around her neck) was about to deliver the final blow, but Yukari defends the badly beaten and unconscious Ruby and tells her that she was only defending her home. Inner Moka scoffs at her comment but quickly show Ruby mercy when she realized that Tsukune wasn’t dead (since his wound wasn’t fatal). Afterward, they couldn’t leave the poor girl by herself, so they brought Ruby back to their camp through the kindness of their hearts…or whatever.

    That’s what I always thought.

  • I always said that they beat her *** pretty badly because there is no way to stop the real Moka from hurting someone unless Tsukune was to stop her but your theory could be right. Who know's haha I mean I still enjoyed the show anyways I just was disappointed when that just like got cut out.

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