Magical Warfare

  • I just finished this show and I am incredibly impressed. I seemed to have missed it these last few months and just added it to my Crunchyroll queue. I started it on a whim last night. It began decent enough. Nothing I haven't seen before but it kept getting incrementally better as it went on but it was the last episode that blew me away. You watch enough anime and you tend to easily see plot twists before they happen and this one seemed like it would end in a usual fashion but I was wrong. WOW! I hope it gets a second season and I recommend this highly. I don't know how far the light novels have gotten but I might give them a shot if season two doesn't get greenlit.

    Forgive the childish enthusiasm and title typo, it's 4:30 in the morning. Yaaaawwnnn. Watch it and enjoy if you get a chance.

  • I did watch it. was one of the worst shows i watched this winter. Pupa and Maken-Ki 2 are the the other two. terrible show all around, not something I expected from Madhouse and the team working on it. the LN author was right, an anime should not have been made

  • @Getchman:

    I did watch it. was one of the worst shows i watched this winter. Pupa and Maken-Ki 2 are the the other two.

    I thought it was good.
    Do not compare it to Pupa… Pupa was HORRIBLE it didn't really even have a story, each episode was less than 5 minuets long, the opening and closing took up more time than the actual story in each episode, and to add to it just about everything that happened in it was censored because of all the gore. I do not understand why Crunchyroll would even think about adding a show like Pupa.

  • I wasn't comparing it to Pupa.

  • The ending was hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • The show had some good potential. But y the end it just fizzled out. The MC was kinda annoying too imo.

  • This was just bad it played way to fast and made no sence

  • When it first started out I felt it had promise and could be interesting, but instead it devolved into being barely tolerable, and that "ending" was the final nail in it's coffin. 4/10

  • There was a good amount of promise, I enjoyed the setting and some of the characters, just wow that ending, with bad pacing. I suppose all they could do with a short 12 episode anime though. I really want to like it more, but it just left so much to be desired. I expected more from Madhouse, I will say it is a LN adaptation though, and those can be finnicky.

  • I relly hope that thay can Mack a sesan 2 this anime relly hade me gowing and I thalt I new what the ending wood be but wow was I rong i was so rong it's not even funny so this anime relly peak my intrest

  • I just watched this anime yesterday. I was okay with it, up until the ending. I don't dislike the ending so much as I actually have no clue of what the heck happened. I gather that it was supposed to be some mind blowing twist, but I guess that it was a little too twisty because it lost me.

    The ending aside, they definitely shouldn't have tried to adapt a Light Novel series into a 12 episode anime series. They wound up having to condense it so much that the plot had a lot of holes, and even some pretty basic stuff didn't seem to be explained very well.

  • The ending was the best part! I've never laughed so hard at a twist cliffhanger

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