Aspects of the show dynamics of it. Why it's so good?

  • I don't think this story will end well. I think he'll have a harem, and marry them all. But I think Emi might end up killing mao by accident. This would be the best ending because him dying creates a final ending. The show if it does end should end in season 3-4. When Chiho really is annoying.

    Suzano is not a defined character.

    it could be chiho may not be human. (no evidence except understanding of language.)

    other 2 generals.

    Emi and Mao will or won't

    Emi will kill Mao the author is insistent on the storyline. Reasons why?

    will Rinka and Acial's story be expanded?

    Will the managers' creepy relationship story be reduced?

    What will the second season be like and released?

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