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  • Hi, my name is Tia Marie Gaylord (call me Tia Marie) and I have some questions. One is about this site which is, is the third season of "Black Butler" available to watch for free? Secondly, I have written some fan fictions about the show; that are so good; that they should probably become episodes. Would this company be interested in buying them? Or, would this company at least collaborate with me on creating an original series; that is slightly based on that series? Or, maybe I could get permission to do a crossover novel; or at least make my own original one that has a demon for a leading man in it? I'm asking because, I don't want to get into any legal trouble; but I also got inspired greatly by this show as a writer. Would you be interested in my resume? P.S. This might sound weird, but if you're willing to work with me; you should know that I have high-functioning autism. I've also sent you a message last week. Please disregard that one, as I was so nervous and excited that; I forgot to introduce myself, before asking for what I wanted.

  • My apologies, I'm not staff at Funimation but I do have answers for you, since the staff rare respond to topics like this I'll try to help.
    The third season of Black Butler has been announced, it is currently being made in Japan and will air this summer, the first episode was released on July 11th.
    I know the show is being streamed subtitles only on Aniplex's website Daisaku, Funimation has licensed the series and will release it dubbed at a later date:
    As for taking ideas for new shows Funimation does not make the anime you watch, they license it from the Japanese creators and localize/release them in America. Funimation has helped other companies with shows, but never on an individual level.
    Also no Japanese companies will take story ideas.
    Your best bet is to work on your story yourself and release it via webcomics.
    For employment opportunists Funimation uses this website:

    Funimation is not currently looking to hire any new employees at this time.

  • Black Butler 3 streams every Thursday at 3:20 pm EST. available only for subscribers at first then free for everyone after a week, just like crunchyroll

  • :( i think spaceman went over this in his dont ask if there is going to be a second season of….. post.

  • Hi Tia Marie. Welcome to the forums.

    Now please read this:

    In short, no. FUNimation can not work with you to help you create new episodes of Black Butler. And Aniplex is not interested in buying your fanfic ideas.

    Like mentioned above, the best thing to do is to create your own original series and characters, and work to release it through either webcomics or other Western means of publication.

    I wish you the best in your endeavors. :)

  • We respond to the ones we catch, we just only monitor certain topics constantly. :)

    Everything that everyone has said in this thread is accurate. Also, I will look for your ticket if it was made with the same e-mail address that was listed on your account and make sure you get some additional legal information about the parts that haven't been answered.

    Welcome to the forums! ^_^

  • good luck man. its a long tedious process that requires patients,time and a lot of luck. myself im too scared of people judgeing me if i wrote anything i have plenty of ideas its just that i hate drawing attention especially if its negative.

  • Well Tia Marie, I may not share your idea of collaboration with Funimation with a fan series, but I do share your love for making stories whether it's meant for a show you love or an original series of your own. If I was you, I would use that potential to make an excellent fan-fiction about Black Butler in your own creative way.

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