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  • In spite of my gender, Sailor Moon was one of my childhood anime, so it's pretty neat to see a new show. The first episode's been out for a while, but I just watched it yesterday. Some random thoughts:

    –The very first scene (before the theme song) is quite lovely in how it fades in through the planets and into our couple.

    --The opening and ending animations are fine, but I don't much care for the songs--too poppy.

    --The animation itself is nothing special, but the direction doesn't make it feel cheap at all, which is nice. It is a little odd seeing such 90s character designs in the style of modern anime, though (especially Umino).

    --The brainwashed girls attacking Usagi was way creepier than it was in the old show--but the youma's design isn't. Weird.

    --My only real gripe with the episode is Usagi's voice...which is kind of a big problem, since she's the main character. I don't know whether to chalk it up to age or being separated from the character for so long, but Mitsuashi doesn't make for a convincing Usagi anymore. At least, not for this episode.

  • Well, I guess I'll post this again because this looks like the place to be for talking new Sailor Moon.

    Well, the hype broke me and I decided to have a look see at the new Sailor Moon anime; it’s a fun and enjoyable helping of intellectual comfort food. Usagi is a doofus, but a very likable doofus; I think she has ADD considering how easily distracted she gets.

    I’m surprised she didn’t suffer any severe injuries or concussions after that spill down the stairs, or how often she trips. And that cat; I don’t trust her; she’s up to something, I can feel it, oh, wait, this is not that kind of animal or anime; this one is cute, and nice, unlike this critter:

    I really like the character designs and the sharp, colorful details giving them a vibrant energy. All of the backgrounds have an “old style” look, however; I can’t say I’m too impressed with their inconstancy ranging from accurately detailed to looking like a blob of colors in some frames. For the most part though; the animation is gorgeous, and then there are the still frames that have Sailor Moon as a black silhouette with her clothing, which is identical to Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    I found myself laughing over and over again and at times, possibly when I shouldn't have; there’s a scene where these red gems in Sailor Moon’s hair bulbs light up; I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard at that I almost spit Pepsi all over my monitor.

    While this new episode of Sailor Moon and what I have seen of the old series don’t necessarily blow my skirt up, they’re a lot of fun to watch. I can see this anime being the perfect chaser after a long day of work during the winter when I want something fun and relaxing to watch with a hot meal.

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