Best Character Ever

  • I have been thinking of types of awesome/fun competitions that could last a while, possibly even the whole year (with breaks whenever the host decides). It would be called the "Best Character Ever" Competition

    The way this would be decided would be in sections, first people would have to vote in a bunch of shows that they thought were great, then after the shows were voted in there would be polls for a different show that was voted in once a week, in that poll you would vote between main characters in that show,
    after going through many shows and choosing the top character of each of the shows that were voted in then the top characters from each show would go up against each other 1vs1 on the polls every day until there would only be one left.

    this is kind of a crazy idea and would take a lot of time and dedication to host it, but I think it would be fun and would bring a lot more people to the forums/keep people active.

    let me know what you think of the idea :)

  • There's already a best anime character tournament. I believe it ended in February. There used to be a thread about the different tournaments with the winners and the people who ran them, but I'm not sure what happened to it.

  • Sorry to shoot down your idea, but there just can't be an ongoing event like that. For the sake of time, I would prefer that our tournaments don't last more than two months.

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