What is the song played during the english dub trailer?

  • Okay, so when you go to youtube and watch the english dub trailer for attack on titan or any of the english dub clips provided by funimation, there is a song played at the end and sometimes at the beginning. I have been looking for this song name for weeks and have not found anything but just others asking the same question. So if anyone knows what it is, I would love to know.

    Does anyone know what song is played in the very beginning and at the very end (starting around 2:11)?

  • FUNi produces a lot of in-house music for trailers and such. That track is very likely an example of this practice.

  • Oh, thanks
    Do you by chance know if funimation makes these songs available for download?

  • Only in very rare occasions. Maybe twice in the past. Only one I can remember for certain was a song done for one of the early Hetalia trailers.

  • That's a shame- I really like that song. Hopefully it will be one of the rare few that become available. Thanks for the help.

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