Buffering issues every 5~10 seconds (even SD) after working fine the past week

  • First of all, its not my internet. I can watch Netflix, Hulu and Youtube in 1080p perfectly fine.

    For the first week of my trial videos ran perfectly at 720p. No problems at all. I watched Deadman Wonderland and High School DxD without any buffering issues, both 720p shows. I even watched half of Welcome to The NHK without problems. Then yesterday, when I went to finish Welcome to The NHK (an SD show) it would buffer every 5~10 seconds. I thought it was just a problem at the time so I didn't worry about it. I worked around the problem at the time by pausing the video at the beginning to let it buffer a portion of the video ahead of time. Now 24 hours later after that and the problem still persists, now with Sekirei (another SD show). Pausing the video doesn't even buffer future parts of the video anymore (I had the first episode of Sekirei sit paused for upwards of a minute, then when I unpaused it began buffering within 10 seconds). I tried clearing cookies & cache, didn't fix the problem.

    720p has issues. SD has issues. Yet on every other video streaming site 1080p works fine.

    I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

    This is literally unwatchable and I am considering not renewing after my trial if this isn't fixed.

    EDIT: Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash, the problem is still there

  • Send CJ and Sophie a support ticket describing your issue and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

  • Yep, we'll need to send you some further questions and minor troubleshooting steps for this issue. Thanks!

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