Is there going to be more?

  • is that it is there no more episodes i hope they would have more or it would be sad two animes i love, end and it leaves people hanging because its like what happends next but you may never know its sad the animes can help you understand more about what life is about in different ways or how it feels that your in the anime and then it ends and could make you feel sad that the story ended and that you wanted to know more any ways that is my thought reply if you know anything.

  • Yep. That's it. There isn't going to be any more.

    The show is eight years old now, and there is absolutely no indication that there's going to be another season.

    If you want more, I suggest reading the manga. Viz Media has released the entire thing in one giant box set that you can buy here:

    From what I've heard, it does continue the story far beyond where the anime ended. So if you still need your Ouran fix, that would be my suggestion. :)

  • they ran a live action ouran a few years ago in japan (rehashing the same 12 anime episodes with a few tweaks, and then a live action movie a year or so ago

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