MEN of MANLINESS: And the winner is….

  • And so just as quickly as it began, it has ended….

    128 men entered, 127 fell, and as the dust cleared, only one remained...

    Though many of our contestants fought bravely, at the end it came down to a battle between Kenshiro and Guts. And though it was a long, difficulty fight with neither warrior seeming to gain the upper hand, in the end it all came down to a difference of a single vote.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 MANLIEST Anime MAN of MANLINESS is…...


    Although he faced some tough competition, the master of Hokuto Shinken also known as the "Man with Seven Scars" punched, kicked, and brawled his way through all 127 of the other combatants, beating out Guts in the final round by a single point.

    As Kenshiro comes up on stage to accept his award, he seems to be a bit emotional about his victory here tonight:

    Many thanks go out to:

    • Tetsuo Hara and Buronson, the original creators of the Hokuto no Ken manga.
    • Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine in which the manga was originally serialized
    • Shueisha and Viz Media, the publishers of the manga in Japan and America, respectively
    • Toei Animation, the production company behind the Fist of the North Star animated TV series
    • Streamline Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, ADV, Discotek Media, and Sentai Filmworks for bringing all the different animated renditions of FotNS over to our shores
    • Akira Kamiya, Takehito Koyasu, Kunihiro Kawamoto, Hiroshi Abe, Hideo Ishikawa, Katsuyuki Konishi, Ryo Horikawa, and Yuko Gibu for providing the Japanese voice of Kenshiro in all the different incarnations of the character.
    • John Vickery, Lex Lang, Robert Kraft, William Winckler, Gary Daniels, and Kaiji Tang for giving Kenshiro an English voice for us over here in the west.
    • FUNimation, for being so kind as to letting us use their forums to hold this fantastic event.
    • And last but certainly not least, all of YOU, the wonderful voters, for being so awesome, patient, and helpful as we stumbled through our very first annual tournament.

    May Kenshiro's picture forever hang in the hall of champions for eons to come. But for now, it is time to say goodbye. The curtains must fall on this year's event, only for them to rise again one year from now, for another champion to rise up and claim the crown.

    Until then, rest, dear warriors. For tomorrow is another day… A day in which we shall EAT, DRINK, and be MANLY!!!

    On behalf of myself, SpacemanHardy, and all of us here on the FUNimation forums, thank you all so much for participating in...

    Until next time…

  • Congrats to Kenshiro for making it all the way to #1

  • I actually was going to vote for Kenshiro but I was too late. Anyways, congrats to him

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