New episodes?

  • Will there be more of fruits basket there should because its a awesome anime that many people love and would like to enjoy it more if there were more of it. My question is when is this going to happen if you know then please tell me>.<

  • nope. Japan is not interested in revisiting a 13 year old show

  • FUNimation already asked and Japan said no.

  • Why did they say no? 13 years ago they could have got the anime more popular then it is but there has to be a reason!thanks for the info but why doesnt funimation make there own animes?

  • perhaps it didnt sell well in japan. that's usually the reason shows don't get another season. Funimation is not an animation studio, so that's why they don't make anime

  • Hi. Welcome to the forums.

    Now please read this. It should help explain a few things:

    Long story short, the chance of more Fruits Basket ever being produced is extremely slim. Perhaps you could find a different show similar to FB that you could also enjoy, such as Princess Jellyfish, Kamisama Kiss, or Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha. Just a suggestion.

  • I wonder if they would be interested in changing their minds if there were enough people to contact the artists in Japan, personally, and request it. Because there is a new generation of kids who would love to see series, like FB and OHSHC be complete in the way the manga series was. And since we ARE in america, we would have to buy the entire series instead of just watching it on mainstream tv. They could make a profit on it if they really think about it. It's 13 years old. They would be stupid to leave it as it is and not finish it according to the books, especially because so much time has gone by. It can be re-introduced. I swear. If we all get together and show that, it would indeed be somewhat sucessful and profitable, maybe we can change the Japanese Animator's minds… But that is just a thought

  • I'm sorry. Really I am. But… it just doesn't work like that.

    The only advice I can give you is to read the manga, which has indeed been completed.

    I know it's hard, but you've just got to accept it. :hmm:

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