MEN of MANLINESS: The FINAL BATTLE: Kenshiro vs Guts


    After over a month of grueling competition, close calls, one-sided landslides, and heart-breaking upsets, what started out as 128 has now come down to 2.

    Through countless battles and merciless odds, these two men have torn through all others who dared oppose them, leaving the bodies of the broken and beaten in their wake. They have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they both have what it takes to be a MAN.

    But in the words of the immortal Connor MacLeod…


    Two men will enter the arena. But only one of them can be crowned the "MANLIEST Anime MAN of MANLINESS" for 2014.

    Will it be Kenshiro, the Man with Seven Scars, the Master of Hokuto Shinken, Bruce Lee Mad Max Kung Fu Jesus himself?

    Or will it be Guts, the Black Swordsman, the Hero of the Band of the Hawk, the Eyeless & Armless Berserker whose love is like a truck?

    Their fate is up to you, dear voters, to decide who will become…

    The MANLIEST Anime MAN of MANLINESS!!!!!

    So without further ado….

    And as always, please remember to post your votes in the forums in case of ties!!

  • My vote for the final goes to Kenshiro.

  • I vote for Kenshiro.

  • In all honesty, I'd be happy no matter who wins. Considering that both of these guys are, in my opinion, in the top three manliest anime characters of all time, I really couldn't ask for a better matchup than this.

    That having been said, however, Kenshiro is and always has been my uncontested pick for number one. From his looks, to his attitude, to his storyline, everything about him seems to personify the true definition of what it means to be "MANLY".

    So without question, he's my choice for the manliest anime character of all time. :)

    Sorry Guts…. but you are already dead.

  • Going with Guts.

  • I'm voting for Guts.

  • Going with Kenshiro

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