Digital Copy vs. Physical Disc

  • Which type do you prefer, Physical Copy of a anime or Digital Copy?
    For me it's physical.

  • Definitely Physical, that way you can't lose it from your computer crashing. Plus you can always upload the physical copy to your computer and have a digital copy.

  • I will usually watch a show (anime or otherwise) digitally first and then buy it if I like it. I don't buy a lot of media sight unseen anymore, now that there's the option to view it first online legally.

  • I'm a collector and already pay for streaming, so if I'm buying a show I want a physical copy. Extra bonuses are also a perk. How many on-disc bonuses are available to purchase digitally? Not to mention any physical bonuses.

  • I prefer physical. When you have something digital, it doesn't really feel like you own it.

  • In this day and age of free legal streaming I usually go digital for the sake of a little "try before I buy". Something I wish I could have done back in the bad old days of VHS tapes and no internet.

    But yeah, if I'm gonna put down the cash for it, then hell yes I want a physical copy. Even when I do buy something digitally, like Roller Coaster Tycoon off of, I still burn a physical disc of it for the sake of having a backup.

  • I stream most stuff, but if I'm going to buy any anime, it's going to be on a physical release.

    Music and games, on the other hand, I'm fine with buying digitally.

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  • My preference lie on the side of 'Digital". I like access to my library anytime, from anywhere, on any machine.

    Though, the titles I truly love, with high rewatch value, are always physical purchases. Mostly for the extras stuff digitals versions don't include.

  • Digital all the way. Content is available all the time on all devices and doesn't take up any house space. It doesn't even have to be stored on your device (with Apple devices, at least; I have no experience with others). With streaming here and elsewhere and the iTunes Store, I've found the perfect (for me) system for collecting and watching anime.

    The downside, of course, is that content could, for whatever reason, be removed, and there would lie the advantages of a physical disk. Also, there must be a greater selection of titles available on disk (not really sure about this as I don't seek them out, and have no idea of what is out there).

  • I have been digital for a long time, but I just started collecting and am finding I enjoy physical media more, even though the convenience of digital is apparent. If I like a show, I try to buy it now. Plus for me nothing beats holding it in my hand, same goes for manga.

  • Physical discs because I'm a collector. Although I don't buy anything I haven't already watched streaming or rented first.

  • Another thing I like about buying digital copies is that it's possible to buy single episodes. I've done that for a couple of shows that looked interesting but had never seen, and found myself liking them and purchasing the entire series or season. This way, if the first episode or two leaves you cold, you're not too much out of pocket. Naturally, this doesn't apply for something you really want or have enjoyed already, and are happy to buy the entire show.

  • Definitly Physical blurays without a doubt.

    Digital streaming or saved digital files are short term with lots of always rising issues, like lost files/ coruption/harddrive took a dump, buffering issues, internet signal issues, lack of audio & picture quality except on a small screen, lots of memory chips needed to keep back up files, shows no longer liscensed and cant be found, episodes in wrong order, missing episodes, skipped episodes, takes forever to browse and find what I want to watch, on going long customer service waits to get issues fixed, needing to keep up with video player and browser updates, etc.

    Physical blurays seem to have unbeilevable picture & audio breath taking quality weather on a 65" LED screen w/surround sound or on a 120" projector screen w/ surround sound, scratch proof, little space required to house them, zero buffering issues, shows guarenteed to still be there for me to watch later down the line weather liscensed or not, zero customer service required.

    Bottom line is digital cost me more time, money, headaches, then just buying the bluray disc itself. Plus it supports the type of shows I want to see more of in the future! Just my personal opinion from my own experinces

  • With Internet Streaming shows and movies being the trend, the quality is mixed to somewhat ok. Not every show or movie is on Netflix, Hulu, and any other legal streaming service. Physical Discs (DVDs, Blu-Ray, Ultra HD Blu-Ray (Yes! It's a recent physical disc that came out a month ago and a few titles are available but slowly it could grow)) are my preferred method of viewing that worth the money.

  • Physical copy, if I buy it at all, but in the past 5 years, there have been less than that many things I actually like enough to buy and not just stream on Crunchyroll.

  • I stream to see if I like it, and if I do I go physical copy. I love my DVDs and BluRays, both for being able to pop it in whatever player I like and having my shelf with the shows on it.

  • I prefer to stream anime, when possible. I am not really much of a sentimental type of guy, so I don't really see much value in having physical copies this day and age. Even if I happen to own the physical discs of an anime, I would still stream it if possible. For example, I went back and watched Cowboy Bebop sort of recently, and I do own that series, but I still just streamed it from Funimation. I'm lazy, so I don't want to bother changing discs, navigating crappy DVD menus, trying to remember which episode number I left off on, etc.

  • I prefer physical, but if I have a legit streaming site as a free sample, that works for a "try before you buy." I'm glad I checked some shows on streaming before buying, as some disappointed and wasting $50+ would not have been fun.

  • 100% digital for me.

    I legally stream it first and if I like it enough, I'll see about buying it from Google Play Movies & Shows. If it's not available then I simply do not buy it at all. I do wish Google would get more anime movies and shows available for purchase, I want to grow my library more!

    I don't care about extra's that come with a physical disk and I don't want the physical clutter that comes with Blu-Rays. I haven't even owned a DVD or Blu-Ray player in years and have no intention on going back. My media library is 100% digital; it takes up no space and I can watch it on multiple devices, where ever I have an internet connect. =)

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