Need more Soul Eater!

  • Episode 12 just aired for Soul Eater Not! i loved it and wanna see more! Do you agree? Should there be season 2,3,4 or more? or ditch Soul Eater Not! and get regular Soul Eater back? Keep Soul Eater Not! and also get regular Soul Eater back? <3

  • well, Soul Eater Not is over. it followed the manga faithfully from start to finish so there isn't anything more to adapt. I'd like more Soul Eater, but if it were to be a faithful adaption, the would probably require a reboot since the anime veered far away form the manga as it was ending. No way to know what will happen thought. the decision lies with Dentsu, i think

  • I agree I am obsessed with soul eater and in one day easily finished soul eater not after finishing soul eater so there should be more of it even if it means a new series like all characters from original but in not class or something.

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