Forums are acting funny.

  • I've noticed that for the past few days the forums have been acting… weird.

    Like after you click into a new sub forum, it'll look the exact same as it did when you last visited it, even when you know there are new posts in the forum. You have to manually reload the page to get it to update itself.

    It's kind of hard to describe, actually. But I know I'm not the only person who's experienced this issue.

    Might wanna look into it just to make sure everything's running as it should be.

  • Yup been having issues too.
    It was also mentioned on the "Issue reporting thread" and last I heard CJ was looking into it.
    Issues I've had occur to myself:
    Inability to log out even after clearing cookies, then not being able to log back in.
    Posts not showing as new
    delayed cache, I can open forums in another browser so I see new posts have been made, but when I look on my regular one I can't see them.

    I'm not sure if these issues have been fixed, I know the new posts isn't working correctly.

  • We're definitely looking into all of this. I'll let you know when I have something new to report.

    I THINK the log in issues are a separate thing and have been resolved at this point, though you may need a cache clear.

  • The forum refreshing issues seem to be resolved for me, but I am still having logging out issues.

    EDIT: The refreshing issues on Chrome are lessened, but not completely resolved. Clicking on the "Mark Forums Read" message still doesn't refresh the page with all gray icons. However, clicking on the the browser's Refresh button after doing so ends up refreshing the page with gray icons. Similarly, whenever I log out on Chrome and go to the central forum page, it still states that I am logged in. However, clicking on the browser's Refresh button refreshes the page and it then states that I am logged out. Nothing seems to have been done on to resolve the problems on Internet Explorer, though.

  • I'm looking for some additional information about the log in issues on the Issue Reporting Thread:

    We also have an official thread for the forum not updating issue. Please go here for new information and discussion:

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