Anime Reboots?

  • I've been watching ecchi/harem anime and other anime for awhile now most of which have been licensed by FUNimation. I've also been doing some research on certain animes which haven't seen another season in a few years and some that never will. I believe these shows deserve justice and deserve reboots to closely follow the manga like FMAB, I know a lot have mixed feelings about which was better the original or the reboot. After my list I will state my reason for this thread.

    Sekerei - Complete Overhaul
    Rosario + Vampire - Do I need to say it….so much potential with this one
    Tenjho Tenge - Just needs another season finishing the story
    Deadman Wonderland - Complete reboot or at least some more seasons the manga is done.

    Ok as promised here's my reasoning for this post. a few days maybe a week ago I was reading online and I had the tv on and noticed that the show Space Dandy is getting a Second season. I will have to admit I lost a few brain cells and may have damaged my keyboard a tad. The thing I don't get is how shallow can the Japanese audience be for a show that has little to no connecting story get a second season when look at all the manga's that have been changed into anime that have an awesome connecting story but is dropped in japan because there was too much action and not enough nudity and panty shots. If We want proof of this look at Rosario + Vampire, there was 2 manga series both following each other. I agree there was plenty of good ecchi moments or moments that would have been good in there, but gonzo totally ruined it, the first anime season was ok but the 2nd lost the manga script before it even began. I know funimation can't do anything about this. I just think as a loyal fan it needs to be said. Also I've heard this on youtube and read it other places as well. Apparently people will not reboot an ecchi harem anime because people will lose interest, well jeeze I'm sorry if you wanna see tits all the time I'm sure theres plenty of hentai for you to watch, don't make the rest of us suffer because the story gets shoved into a blender, shredded and then dumped down the garbage disposal.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah….. I can understand why you'd be upset, but honestly I don't think any of that's going to happen. Maybe, MAYBE Sekirei might eventually get a third season if the manga ever comes out of hiatus, but as for the rest of those shows, they're as good as finished. ESPECIALLY Rosario+Vampire. We get pestered with requests for a reboot or third season of that show so often, we're thinking of making it a ban-able offense. >0<

    And in the case of Space Dandy, it got a second season because of it's connection to Watanabe-san, and because... well... it's good. Just because a show is episodic and doesn't have one connected story arc doesn't make it bad. Going by that logic, are you saying that Cowboy Bebop and Mushi-Shi are BAD?! oOo

  • Well asking for reboot to you guys doesn't mean anything because as I stated before you guys just simply can't do it. as for cowboy Bebop I never read the manga nor do I plan to but I'd have to say for the most part it had a decent story I haven't watched that other one you mentioned, now as for say Space Dandy is "Good" I'm kinda skeptical. I will admit I've seen all the episodes of season 1 so I believe I can make a correct statement that says the show is too random. But in my personal opinion it ranks up there with cartoon networks uncle grampa where I believe I have to be high to understand it, haven't tried that yet but yea that's just my opinion. Now you say Sekerei might get a season 3, unless the Japanese company chops up the timeline even more I highly doubt that to be possible even though there is enough material in the manga to create a season 3 if it was gonna happen. But if the demands going to you guys are in numbers that great to make asking for a reboot a bannable offense then let there be no justice to the people that are actually fans of it. I'm just hoping the primary animators give the people what they want and make a profit out of it, instead of leaving it in the tasteless condition they did. Last thing i'll say is I cant wait for you guys to dub Highschool DxD New, Unbreakable Machine Doll, Tokyo Ravens, and there was a few more from the fall 2013 anime release for subs.

  • I was just joking about the banning thing regarding R+V. It is really annoying, though. Not gonna lie.

    And if you get a chance, definitely check out Mushi-Shi. You'll be glad you did. :)

    Here, you can watch the entire thing right here on the website, in English, for free if you want:

  • I would like to see a reboot of GunGrave jsut so I could see it with better animation, perhaps a different direction in story with more villains, but the same basic themes, characterization and narrative. I know this will never happen, but, I figured I would express my opinion.

  • I'm not a fan of reboots, and as a matter of fact don't even like the word. I'd much rather see the creators come up with something new and original, with new characters. That's not necessarily to say that all reboots have been bad, however.

  • Reboots are a great way to breathe freshness into an older property (Sailor moon Crystal), save a series from being marred forever by a mediocre anime adaptation (Hunter x Hunter 2011) or to simple tell a complete story when doing so wasn’t possible before (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). They only seem to come about, however, when the property they’re based on is already a huge deal.

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