FUNimation 2.1 Update

  • Hello everyone, and welcome to Version 2.1. You should notice a marked improvement in overall performance and speed of the site and most exciting of all, if you are a subscriber, you should see a brand new 1080p option in the video player on the current simulcast season shows (episodes from other shows coming soon). Not a subscriber? [relurl=subscribe]Sign up right here![/relurl]

    We still have more features and updates on the way, so thank you for all of your support. If you have any suggestions for features, please post them to the Suggestions Box Forum. If you have any questions or would like to report an issue, please visit [relurl=support][/relurl].


    • Improved page load time and optimized render order of objects across the entire site.

    Shows & Videos

    • The gray filter bar now expands by default, so you can see all of the filtering and sorting options and can find things to watch easier
    • The Recently Viewed list was removed because of a conflict, and will be turned back on after the issue has been fixed.

    Show Sites

    • Improved page load time and pagination functionality
    • Fixed a few navigation issues to improve usability
    • Updated Reviews Thumb Up and Thumb Down functionality. Now with enough down votes, an unhelpful Review will be hidden from all users.

    Video Player

    • The Flash and HTML5 players now support 1080p videos (when that resolution is available). Head on over to or to and filter Resolution by 1080 (HD) to see what is available.


    • The Flash and HTML5 players now remember the last quality and language setting chosen. This means that if you choose 720p/Sub, the player will remember those settings for every video you play until you choose something else or clear your cookies. If the video does not have the option, the player will switch to the other option.

    • Videos now load in a new browser page instead of the same browser page. This will help to avoid any “Stream not found” issues that resulted from your token expiring. This also means that the video title and URL will match the video that you are currently watching.

    • The video player playlist now “paginates” every 20 videos. This helps with load time and fixes an issue with Queue where certain videos would not play because the player was timing out.

    • Playlists, like the ones listed over on, now display the Show name in front of the video number and title in the video player playlist.


    • Now, videos will be ordered in the Queue video player playlist according to how they are listed in your Queue.

    Note: HTML5 video player is only available for Safari 6+ users.


    • We’ve added the Simulcast Schedule to the right side column. It’s the same one you see over on [relurl=shows]Shows[/relurl].


    • Now your thread display order won’t randomly switch to Linear – Newest First! If it does, you can change the setting back in your Account under Site & Profile Settings > General: Thread Display Options, since we’ve fixed that too!


    • Improved load time, pagination functionality, and render order of objects
    • Now, each Show in the Queue widget goes to the top video in that Show’s playlist. Later, the link will update against what you’ve been watching.
    • Now, each playlist in the Playlist widget actually goes to the Playlist video player.
    • Now, Spice & Wolf II Box Set won’t appear in your Top Favorites unless you intend it to.
    • Improved load time for Queue
    • Now, “Watch” links appear as intended in Queue. This fixes an issue where a date would display instead of a link to watch for a video that should be available to watch.
    • Now, the Play Show button for every show in your Queue links to the top video in that Show’s playlist. Later, the link will update against what you’ve been watching. For now, it only ever links to the top video.
    • The watch progress circles that appear next to each episode in your Queue are no longer functional because of an issue. They will update as you finish watching episodes once the issue has been fixed. This will not affect the Xbox app.
    • The Highest User Rating and Lowest User Rating sorts have been removed from your Wish List since it is currently not possible to rate products. These sorts will return when the feature is introduced later.
    • Removed sorts from My Stuff > Playlists to simplify things.
    • Now, you can hide or display avatars when editing your Friends list.
    • Now, you can change your privacy settings in History. Before, it could only be set to Private.
    • History > Videos is no longer functional because of an issue and will update with videos that you have finished watching once it has been fixed. This will not affect the Xbox app.


    • Now, an error message saying that your password is required does not display when you only update the display settings for your birth date. The field updates as you choose an option from the dropdown. You don’t need to click the Save button.
    • Now, an error message displays if you submit an image for your avatar that does not fit the size requirements. We’ve also added a loading icon to let you know that you’ve submitted a file successfully and that all you need to do is wait for your avatar to update.
    • You can now update your forum thread display order!
    • We’ve added some helper text to Account > Site & Profile Settings > Privacy


    • Fixed and updated lots of backend and content management things to help us get you more anime faster.

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