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  • I never thought I'd watch this show, considering how violent it was supposed to be…but here I am.

    Actually, I was surprised how restrained the show was. There are a few really gruesome moments, but I was half-expecting a never-ending gore it was a pleasant surprise.

    I think the Rail Tracer's given me a phobia of speeding railways, though. O.o

    Anyway, I had a blast going along with the piecemeal plot and meeting all those crazy characters. I'm going through the OVA episodes, though, and I don't think the director's heart is in it. Or maybe it's just harder to juggle different plotlines with only three episodes. Oh well, Graham Specter's a lot of fun.

    …So yeah, a little rambly, but that's my thoughts on Baccano!

  • I dunno Ladd was pretty violent the whole time. lol But yeah it seemed like they were maybe setting the show up for another season with those last episodes, Kind of has the vibe of a Tarantino or a Coen brothers movie. You don't see a lot of this style of storytelling in anime. Great soundtrack too!
    Also, Isaac and Miria are the coolest characters lol
    Would you want to see a season 2 for this one?

  • Baccano is easily my favorite anime of all time, right in front of hellsing ultimate and gurren lagann. The show is absolute gold for so many reasons, but i don't think the show needs another season. people keep saying if the guys making more durarara, why can't we get more baccano? well it's simple, because baccano is just fine the way it is, i think another season would ruin it. That's my opinion anyway, and yeah, soundtrack is awesome.

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