No new content in 'Extras' section of streaming content

  • I keep an eye on the Extras section of the streaming video content and I have not noticed any new content in quite some time. If I recall correctly new content used to be added twice a week. Has there been a policy change? Do I bother to watch for new Extras or will there not be any more posted? Perhaps I am not looking in the right place? It used to show up here: Anyone know anything about the lack of new Extras?

  • They do have new extras but they aren't announcing them like they used to, so now you have to find them for yourself, like the AoT cast interview, thats an exclusive members only type of extra, but i don't think they posted any announcement of it, i actually found that out from an add banner on ANN.

  • I still haven't seen most of the extras reappear on the newest version of the Android mobile app…

    Extras are getting the short end of the stick in streaming-ville :(

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