Funimation app for Xbox One

  • I saw that there was a PS4 , PS3 ,and 360 app in development but what about the xbox One ? I know over 20 people including me who use Hulu to watch anime. i know we'd all switch instantly if it was available for Xbox One users….it would be nice to not aft to swap back and forth from consoles.

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    I would say it would be a while, there are not many people out there that own Xbox One's compared to the many many millions that own PS3s, PS4s, and Xbox 360s. Its definitely possible that they could make one seeing as they announced a possible 360 app and had it out in a couple months.
    I own an Xbox One myself thought I don't use it, I switched back to 360 so that I can play GTA with friends, and to watch Funimation and Crunchyroll.

    Unrelated but what games do you play on your Xbox One?

  • the only things ive played is Titanfall and the 2 free games from this month. when i get my new TV this week i plan on playing alot of other games like killer instinct and strike suit zero…...when the Halo collection and destiny comes out thats when my xbox one will get some play time but for now im just using it for hulu and youtube

  • I believe it was stated that an Xbox One app is coming soon, it may actually come sooner than the PS3/4 apps. I could be wrong though.

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