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  • Does anyone know if they are going to create a new Eureka Seven? I mean a new sequel other than AO. I really hope they do as I want to see more of what happens to Renton and Eureka after the original 50 episodes ends. Comment on if you hear any news and whether or not you think they will make a new one.

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    I doubt there will be any new releases for Eureka Seven anytime soon. If they ever do make any more seasons for it I bet it will be at least a year or two before they do (plus however long it would be before a company picked it up to Dub it). sorry if that crushed your hopes but I'm trying to be realistic.

  • Yeah, I figured it would be some time before they did, if they did do it. But do you think it was popular enough? Last night I had just finished my marathon of it since I hadn't watched it in years and I thought, I want more, although today I have come to peace with it. I just love the story of it. Do you think that it was popular enough that they will make a new one? I don't know since they did make AO which people did not like and I am afraid that that may have killed it. I'm just going for opinions in this thread.

  • I mean BONES's facebook page I think did ask people recently what they want in a new Eureka seven thing, and there was a vote on prequel to AO or a sequel. Can anyone confirm that?

  • I'm loving AO!

    It's story is a little off beat from the original and the reference jokes about Anime are absolutely priceless IMO. I'm currently on episode 8 of AO after doing a massive binge watching of the original series plus the movie. The movie however was interesting in itself but the only thing new I took from that was the origin of the series name, which they never actually explained in the series.

    However, there seems to be soooooooooooooooooooo much missing back story here and I hope some of it gets explained later on. I'm totally hooked!

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