Marathon? or a couple days long-athon?

  • Hi i started this post because i wanted to know whats more popular, To marathon threw anime's in one day, or to take some time and limit your self the number of episodes you watch a day.
    I personally used to marathon threw them like they were nothing. But soon after that i found that i would become depressed cause most of the anime's i watched had no new episodes planned. I knew i could read the manga but most only got to were the anime did or not even that.
    I also know sometimes you find a great anime series that you just love to death (for me Kaze No Stigma) were you want to limit yourself but at the same time don't. But anyways whats your opinion do you marathon or take a couple of days to save the moments.
    P.S. leave a reason too! you don't have to but it would be great to see all of your opinions!

  • This is an interesting question; I often find myself when I find a show that I like, "marathoning" through them. But, the problem I have with that is even though I'm enjoying watching them it sometimes starts to become difficult to remember all the happenings that goes on because it gets all mumbled together. This is why I now make an effort to "limit" how many episodes I watch at a time…

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