MEN of MANLINESS: Round 3: Battle 8: Takamura vs Shizuo

  • Our final battle of the night is between Mamoru Takamura from Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo) vs. Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!.

    Remember to post your votes in the forums in case of ties!!

  • Great. Shizuo is going to win the popular vote despite him going up against Takamura. Oh well, i'm still voting for Takamura.

  • ^ you got that right :P

    Voted for Shizuo

  • Now, let's look at this one from a strategic standpoint:

    Both of these men possess near-superhuman strength. They are both capable of feats no mortal man should be able to accomplish. Takamura knocked out a bear with his bare hands, while Shizuo can toss a vending machine several feet in the air and knock people out of their clothes.

    However, when you analyze them from a skill standpoint, you realize that while Shizuo might be technically stronger, he lacks in actual fight training. What Takamura lacks in ungodly strength he more than makes up with speed, endurance, and fighting skill. Shizuo does little more than swing his arms around in a blind rage, whereas Takamura is a trained professional fighter. He's also got a lot of height and range on him, meaning he can hit him from farther away. Not only that, but while Shizuo can survive being hit by a car and being shot several times, he does kind of have a glass jaw.

    I say pound for pound, Takamura takes it.

  • I'm flipping a coin for this one…...

    Heads, so I vote for Mamoru Takamura.

  • Voting for Shizuo.

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