What I got from this show

  • I only got three things from this show:

    1. An unromanticized view of your classic Japanese sword fighters. I don't think there was one respectable one the entire series except maybe that one at the very beginning who tried to discourage his lords madness (not very bright but maybe respectable especially in comparison to the rest of the cast). They were really trying to make most of the cast out to be monsters and many of them either already looked like that either due to physical quirks or oddities, eventual scaring and mutilation, or due to pronounced madness. They successfully conveyed the dark and corrupt natures both through actions and appearance which leads to the second thing i got from this show…

    2. A frustrated desire to see the ending of the actual show. Unlike most incomplete shows though this is not a desire to see the plot to the end and see how the heroes will likely succeed over their tribulations and hopefully some peak or hint at their lives after its all said and done. It's actually a desire to see what seems to be the almost certain conclusion of everyone being dead or horribly broken. I couldn't find any characters to like the entire show. At best I could only pity the two main female characters because they just get horribly screwed by the monsters they are around.

    3. The one moment of actual enjoyment I actually got out of the show was a personal schadenfreude mental tick that went wafting through my brain and was followed by the usual thought of "i'm going to hell" such thoughts usually have. It was during the first episode with the full reveal of the first match up and I assume what was to be the final fight of the actual series, I just had the mental audio track of Eric Cartman yelling "CRIPPLE FIGHT!!!". Like I said, it was one of those thoughts that just reminds my likely destination when this life ends

  • I watched this sometime back and I have to agree with your assessment. It was a show about bad people doing bad things for bad reasons. There was no honor, no nobility, only cruelty, hatred, and blood. Even the women, who had been victimized and screwed over by these bastards, were, in the end, every bit as nasty as the men.

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