How should Funimation handle the Ben-To Issue?

  • So how do you think they should handle the delay on releasing Ben-To on DVD/Blu-Ray?

    Personally, I think delaying the DVD/Blu-Ray release is the right thing to do since most buyers expect to get the uncensored version when they buy it.

    One idea about how Funimation could handle the delay would be to go ahead and stream the censored TV versions they already have dubbed with the disclaimer that it is the TV version. This would give the shows fans and EVS subscribers the opportunity to watch the rest of the episodes now, especially if like me they have already watched the first two dubbed episodes. Funimation could give people who pre-ordered the show a free month or two of EVS subscription so they could at least see the version of the show that is already dubbed while they are waiting on the discs to be released. They might even get a few new subscribers that way as well.

    Another way they could sweeten the delay a little would be to include the censored version on the discs when they finally do get released. They have already incurred the expense of dubbing it, so the only added cost would be whatever incremental cost having two versions on the same set of discs would be.

    Any other ideas?

  • From what it sounds like, Funi will overlay the mixed audio over the uncensored video whenever they manage to get those materials shipped over, and hopefully there aren't any significant timing differences. Then they'll upload the entire series to EVS ~1 month before the DVD/BDs are set to street, or whenever the usual turnaround time is.

    Basically, just like any other release, but later than they expected/planned/announced.

  • I think its fine how they handled it. Sucks it happened so close to the release date but hey. Crap happens and you just gotta roll with it. Rather than how Funi handled it I laugh a sad laugh when I see how fans react to the news but saying how they'll never buy form Funi again. Or it funis fault that they can't get a copy of the show they love. Or whatever "reason" just so they can "verbally" abuse/speak out against them. Yet you know once its out they are going to buy it anyway so their little temper tantrum was completely meaningless.

  • I'm conflicted actually. I mean 99% of the time yes, you want the proper Home BD release that Japan got, they have updated visuals, corrections and all that jazz. However Ben-to BD's ruin Brunette by showing her face in the final(?) episode. That tied with the fact that there isn't much else of a difference makes me kind of wish we got the TV release.

    I hope this doesn't cause a major delay and we can get something by September. I've waited a very long time for this series though, I can handle a couple more months.

  • Was looking forward to watching this today.

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