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  • While we're still in the midst of SpacemanHardy's tournament, we're getting closer and closer to when the Best Voice Actor Tournament is usually held (whether it will be around the same time this year is yet to be determined), and as such, there's a bit of an announcement I need to make regarding it. So basically, it's soapbox time. :P

    I've been running the Best VA Tournament for a good number of years now. There was at least one year we didn't have it I think, so I'm going to make a guess at six years since the last one was my grand fifth tournament celebration. Through those tournament runs, I've seen a lot of things change for FUNimation and the forums. I've seen a lot of great users come and go, we've been through three different forum installs, and I've been made a moderator since the first time around as well! Things have recently been changing quite a bit for me in real life as well, as I finally left what was ultimately a dead-end job as a hotel room cleaner, and now work at a gas station where my main duty is (you guessed it) pumping people's gas for them, but also babysitting the station…actually, that's probably the main job right there.

    While this new job is giving me more cash to work with and (thankfully) start saving up, and really doesn't take up too much time (just my weekends), and even has allowed me to get internet at my place still is enough of a distraction that I had a lot of thinking to do in regards to this tournament. Really though, it was just the final nail for a coffin that I had been slowly constructing in my head already.

    It pains me to admit it, but I haven't been paying quite as much attention to the forums as I should as of late. A lot of that was due to depression from when I still had the old job and just wasn't getting anywhere. Now though, things are looking up to where I can kick my sorry butt back into gear in regards to the forum, but it still leaves me to consider what's best for the VA tournament, and what's best for it isn't me anymore. On top of all this other stuff I'm blabbing about, I just don't have the same drive for running a tournament that I used to. I still enjoy participating in them, but taking the time to go in and set up all the threads, rushing around to make sure they're ready on time, having to spout excuses for when they're late, or just some internet or forum snafu causing them to not go makes my head hurt just thinking about it now. Maybe one day I'll have the desire to run one again, but for now...this is the end, beautiful friends, to steal a line from T.O.M. just as SoundMonkey recently did.

    record skip

    Whoa, whoa, don't look TOO teary-eyed now. It's not the end of the VA tournament, it's just the end of my running it. I didn't come here just to wax nostalgic and then pull the rug out from under your feet. No, I came here to announce that the FUNimation Forums' Best VA Tournament will be under new management. And that new management is none other than the unofficial lord of the Tournament realm, the cream of the crop, the one, the onnnnnllllyyyyy -


    That's right, ol' 7jaws has kindly agreed to take over the reigns of, what I'd like to think anyway, is one of the forums most exciting and prolific tournaments. How he runs things will be entirely up to him, so don't necessarily expect things to be exactly as they were when I did them…neigh, expect even better probably. After mixing things up with domestic actors and even seiyuu, I'm all out of ideas anyway, but fresh blood like jaws is exactly what we need to get this tournament rockin' and-a rollin' again anyway.

    So that's that. I trust you guys will be as good to him as you've been to me these past so many years of running the tournament. And like I said, I'm working on kicking myself back into gear into being much more involved with the forum, just like I used to be, so I'll still be around to chat and to participate in the tournament none-the-less. So for now, that's enough yakking from me, let's all just have a nice big round of cheering and applause for what is to come!

  • Heh, I think my biggest challenge would be finding and congratulating the champions, as you have in the past.

    Nevertheless, I humbly accept this tournament, and will see to it that it remains in good hands in the future! ^_^

  • Heh, well I can still help out on that part if you need me too. That part is usually a breeze (at least, making contact is, anyway; getting responses, that varies) with Facebook. :P

  • So when is this tournament going to start?

  • LuckySeven has something planned next, so I'll wait until he's finished.

  • Yeah, I do and like my last one this will require some input in the form of nominations beforehand. I just hope everyone likes the idea.

  • ^Oh, I can't wait for that! ^_^

  • Well it may have to wait. I've been having a lot of issues with my computer lately. The biggest one being it shutting off on its own randomly. Been quite a few times in the last couple of weeks that I would be in the middle of doing something and poof… screen goes blank, and a moment later it is completely off. So for now it is postponed until further notice. And for the sake of not keeping people in the dark forever. The 'it' in question was gonna be a "Ms. Fanservice" tournament. So you can be disappointed or glad that its being put off. Once I have this issue with my PC taken care of then I'll definitely get back into planning this thing.

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