The Avatar Thread

  • I could have sworn we had a thread for this, but for the life of me I can't find it…so I guess it was never re-created when we made our move to these newer forums.

    In this thread, feel free to tell us why you chose your current avatar, put up some other avatars that people may want to use, see if someone would be willing to try making an avatar for you, and just about anything else revolving around those fun little pictures that we choose to represent ourselves on the forums.

    So to start us off, this was my previous avatar.

    I chose it back when Ladd Russo won the Best Villains Tournament. I make it a habit to choose my avatars, during Tournament season anyway, based on the winners of tournaments. It just feels like one more hoorah for the victor and the tournament runner, to have a moderator host the victorious party as their visage for a while…maybe it's just me. :P

    At any rate though, I failed to put one up for the Amazons tournament (couldn't find anything that I liked), and I've been failing pretty badly at keeping up with the current Manly Men for now, I'm switching to this -

    • a male form of Konata from Lucky Star, as it's fun and represents me pretty well I'd like to think. I may be changing it again soon enough though, when we have a winner from the current tournament.

  • @Gyt:

    I failed to put one up for the Amazons tournament (couldn't find anything that I liked)

    Can't blame you, it was pretty hard finding new pictures to use for Balsa back in the tournament, including something to use for a sig. Because she's not overwhelmingly popular, it just makes her victory that much more impressive.

    Here's a hi-res picture of the Hartmann twins, Erica and Ursula, from the Strike Witches series:

    This has been my avi for quite some time now, and I have no plans on changing it in the near future. That might change when one of the other Joint Fighter Wings finally gets its television debut later this year.

  • I use multiple Avas for the simple reason cause I can and want to show some support to the many shows and characters I have watched. The current one at the Moment is Mashu from [C] . And since in the show she discovered a love for eating none other than ramen. Vuwala, an ava of her eating ramen.

  • Currently using a picture of Alice from Pandora Hearts. Before this one was Kaiki from the Monogatari series.

  • I recently switched back to fan art of Filia, who is a brawler type in the fighting game Skullgirls. I did this because the developer that made Skullgirls recently donated $7,500 to the Amplitude Kickstarter and I thought that was really cool

    Previously it was Vivian, a recruitable student in the tiny game Cherry Tree High School Comedy Club

  • Well, despite what I told people on older forums, I've been watching Baccano. So my new avatar's my favorite character from the show, Firo Prochainezo.

    There's something curiously attractive, yet dangerous, about putting a typical-looking anime lead into a mobster family.

  • Still using the Purgatory Armor Erza Scarlet(Artist credit to Gaiya) I picked out a few tournies ago. I'm actually quite fond of it, so it'll probably stick around for some time.

  • Decided to go with Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate. It really is up there in my anime favorites, and she represents one of my favorite characters. Suppose there is just something about her… I like showing my affinity for many shows, so subject to change at some point when I'm in a different mood :)

  • Mine is fanart I found of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star teaching Tsumugi from K-on! the martial art of Hokuto Shinken. It perfectly captures my love of both manly action-packed anime series and moe-moe slice of life comedies.

    Plus they both have gigantic eyebrows, too. :)

  • Unfortunately I don't have a larger version of my current avatar to show off. But simply enough Gunsmith Cats one of my favorite older anime. I truly wish it had been more than just a 3 episode OVA series. But when they leave you wanting more, that's a good thing.

    As for my previous avatar, that what Yohko Mano from Devil Hunter Yohko, Another old school anime that's probably been forgotten or overlooked by current fans. Honestly I think that's just gonna be my theme for avatars here. Old school stuff that deserves to be remembered.

  • Mion from Higurashi, my favorite character in one of my favorite anime.
    When I joined Funi's forum I wanted a character from a show Funi released, but also one that was relatively unknown, thus Mion.

  • The picture I have for my avatar currently is a character from Queen’s Blade Rebellion named Captain Liliana who flies around on a ghost ship causing havoc and mischief in the land.

    Here is the main picture that I cropped for the avatar:

    My current avatar on ANN:

  • My avatar is from the anime that got me hooked on the genre ever since: Claymore. It just so happens to also be the first anime (and manga) I ever bought. Super-powered, silver-eyed, sword-wielding warrior maidens with attitude… need I say more?

  • Last avi didn't last long at all, I love Alice, but I want something light-hearted for summer and Levi in cleaning gear is just right for that.

  • My avatar is Canti from FLCL. I've been using this avatar for awhile now and I still like it.

  • After watching the last batch of Attack on Titan chibi shorts I just had to switch to this image of Erwin where he's thinking of ways to relate to the young recruits.

  • Mimori's from YuYuYu, which is going to start airing in the next week or two. She has the same birthday as me, so she felt like an extremely appropriate avatar to use

  • My avatar is the adult form of Canal Volphied from Lost Universe. Don't try googling her, as her younger form tends to get more images (most of which are yucky), so finding the adult is harder. I pick her because she was just drawn in a warm manner.

  • Mine is mami from madoka magica. I chose her because i love her character but I heavily debated between her and Nozomi. But I put Nozomi in my signature so it all works out

  • ^ You seem to be someone who has a good head on their shoulders. =^_^=

  • I'm using a photo of my W.H.A.M. Tachikoma, because why not?

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