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  • Is there any possibility of Funimation joining the "Disc to Digital" program on Vudu. Yes, I realize that I can re-purchase all my anime, but there is just no way that it it worth paying full price twice (once for the discs, and once for the digital version). The obvious answer is to allow us to insert the discs into the computer, fire up the VuduToGo app and pay a couple of bucks per title.

    I wouldn't mind paying a little bit extra for digital copies, but I'm just not buying everything twice at full price. Well, unless a DVD set is released on BD, then I would.

    Any chance of this happening? Titles I'd love to see are:

    Darker Than Black
    Black Lagoon
    Attack on Titan



  • Given how niche a medium anime is, I doubt Funimation will jump on that wagon anytime soon. But hey, yea never know.

  • jreffner, why do you want digital copies of the content you have, is there a purpose for it? Also, couldn't you just extract the MPEG-2 files from the original disc, or transcode them to a lossy or lossless codec of your choosing for archival or viewing purposes?

    Soundmonkey44 anime is not a niche medium, it would be possibly be a niche video category. A medium would be what the anime is bound to in the form of a DVD/Blu Ray disc or whatnot. ;)

  • No chance of it ever happening. Anime isn't nearly big enough in the US for Funimation to risk losing tons of money by doing a disk-to-digital program with Vudu or anyone - especially if it was per title. $2-3 to convert an entire set to digital HD would be insane. People would just go around giving out their sets to other people for converting. I imagine it would only be likely if they could charge maybe $5/disc or $10-15 per box set. Its anime in America, brought to you by Funimation. It can't be cheap.

    Then there's the obvious reason, which is licensing issues. Funimation gets the home video, television, and occasionally the streaming rights. I imagine getting the rights to sell digital copies, or convert them from disc format would be a whole other thing they'd have to pursue.

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