Steins;Gate sequel novel

  • Apparently they are making a sequel novel that takes place six years after the original game/series.

    If its good I hope that they someone actually picks it up and translates it, i know novels are a little harder then manga but hey the property has a strong fanbase in the states so I don't think it would be a bad bet for someone to pick up.

    As always, I can always hope

  • I thought the TV series had a good ending, thought the movie was a good addition for covering some of the consequences of Okabe's actions in the TV series, but I'm nervous about adding onto it further. The lack of huke designs is disappointing too. But it's Steins;Gate so if it gets an English release I will read it.

  • Its always a gamble when there is a sequel especially to a story that you thought ended. The ending to the series was really good, thought it wrapped it all up nicely with the last episode and the ova though i can't comment on the movie though yet (Dang it Funi, Get Your Butt in Gear, and Get that Movie Over Here!)

    I will remain optimistic though that it well be a great addition to give us a further look and appreciation for something we already know and love.

    And if its crap that's why God invented alcohol, denial, and the ability to repress memories

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