Xbox App Suggestions

  • First of all, I'm glad that the app is finally available to console box guys like myself. I don't watch stuff on my computer very much outside of Youtube since streaming sites tend to eat up my processors.

    Anyway, here are my thoughts on improving the newfangled application for Xbox 360.

    • I can't select anything to watch until all of the preview images load. This means that I can't jump into the latest episode of anything until the panel of preview trailer images on the adjacent menu are visible. If I hit A on the video before they load, nothing happens. I have to wait upwards of 5-10 seconds before I can do anything, because the app is wasting my time loading up images of things I'm not even going to be looking at. Finding a way to streamline this would make things a lot better for people like me that just want to watch the gosh darned episodes already.

    • On the list of available shows, if I select any show, then go back to the list, it boots me all the way back to the beginning of the list, regardless of where I was. This is infuriating if I'm on an alphabetic list and I was browsing somewhere in the middle. Why can't it just let me go back to where I was, and not the beginning? I don't like having to scroll all the way back just to continue my browsing, especially when I also have to select "go to next" twice to see everything on the list.

    • Please split long-running shows into seasons. If I go and look at Dragonball Z, for example, I can't easily get to the middle portion of the episodes without a ton of scrolling through 100+ episodes. Also, if I select the wrong episode by mistake and go back, BAM! Back to the beginning of the episode list! For the love of all that is good and proper in this world, make it stop!

  • Hi, I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but rather add to it, since I agree with all the points you made…

    I'd like to add that, on the 360 version, when you want to watch dubbed episodes, you are not given a choice to just pick through episodes that you may have seen, however you can do that if you're after the subtitled episodes. When you click on a show, you are given an option to watch the first dubbed episode only (to start). If you've seen it and want to pick a different dubbed episode, you're out of luck or have to sit through the sequential order set in the showcase window. The only way you can get around this is if you click on a clip or subtitled episode first and then for some reason the page reloads and you're given the option to look through all the dubbed episodes... and that only works sometimes.

    I love the app overall, but there should be an option, to alter what's displayed, for those of us that only want subbed or dubbed or both types of episodes. I personally only want dubbed and it's kinda tedious that I have "trick the system" just to get to them :/

  • Another suggestion, Please fix the volume. I usually have my tv at volume level 15 when im watching tv on my DVR or playing a game, on the Funimation app when I have been watching shows i have to turn it to over 50 to hear properly. (maybe its just me)

    Other than that I absolutely LOVE the app. Fantastic job Funimation!

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