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  • 1st off thank you much for putting this on Xbox I hope your Elite subscriptions multiply by 100. This is by far my fav tv app over Netflix hulu or Amazon. I Did have one question and i don't think its a technical problem and thats why I am asking. I already have an elite membership and its not letting me sign in. I am using my username and password and after that it still says at the bottom of the screen to go to I was not sure if it had a activate device option like Netflix or hulu but i Just could not find it anywhere. Thanks for any help.

  • I came on here to ask literally the same question. I just subscribed to the Elite Membership after downloading the X-Box app. Is there something I need to do before it will let me watch anything? I've clicked on several animes (Akira, Eureka Seven, Stein's;Gate), yet it won't let me watch anything. :(

    Are there just certain shows we're allowed to watch…cause that kinda defeats the purpose of paying if we're still limited by what we can watch. I hope that's not the case, as I may have to rethink my subscription.

  • Could you please make sure that your password is 6-16 characters and contains no special characters?

    Please put in a ticket through the support system if this does not resolve your issue, as we will need to send you some information privately.


  • Still wont let me log on

  • Will u please help me

  • Hi um I am subscribed online and then I go to get on the app on my Xbox 360 and I typed everything in and it says go to to elite subscriber so I didn't know if like I have to activate orsomething please hurry and help me because I miss my favorite anime shows

  • @sabredevil Could you please send us a support ticket at ? We can lhelp to the issue and help you directly from there. ^^

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    In short, if you are having any kind of issue with the site or the apps, please send us a ticket at

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