• That wasn't an ending… That was a non-verbal eff you to everyone who sat through all 12 episodes and then a, oh and come back in the fall.

  • That last show was so the dark side could win and further spread the game. it was a way to extend the story. I believe the grandma may be Tama or someone like her since she was supposed to be good at the game also…have to listen to episode to find that reference. just my 2-cent

  • I liked it

    ! The ending upended an arc that was leaning towards a Madoka finish, kinda like, "Hey look, we're even MORE pretentious and mysterious than Madoka!" Though, it kinda lost some of its luster since you sort of expected something to go wrong, given the fact that they had already confirmed a second season
    ! I'm definitely expecting some sort of time-traveling parallel universe shenanigans in season 2. That little girl that looks like Hachikuji bears a striking resemblance to her LRIG, and I'm pretty convinced that Tama is a character already in the story (perhaps Ru herself) from the past or future, when she made the wish to become the only LRIG

  • @hackhavn:

    I believe the grandma may be Tama or someone like her since she was supposed to be good at the game also

    They had at one point mentioned when Yuzuki was explaining the true nature of the game and the what really happens to Ru, that she believed that not all the LRIG were real girls who had become eternal girls. She said that there some that were different and had special abilities. Tama and that other girl that seems to be in control of the LRIGs look to be them IMO.

    I hope the show takes a darker tone in the next season, i want to see how it all plays out.

  • The show itself was pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how things are going to pan out after what just happened.

  • I think this season was dark enough. I'm upset about this episode but it won't stop me from watching the next season. Still, though, this ending is one of the prime reasons that I hate, hate, HATE, cliffhangers.

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