It's Dangerous To Go Alone… The Zelda Series Disscussion Thread

  • Come here to discuss the Legend of Zelda Series, your favorite games of the past, present. And what you look forward to in the future.

    Any whom been playing Link Between worlds off & on lately, nice to have a new game set in the original Zelda timeline, fun stuff. Also been playing Orcaina 3DS. Forgot how much I love/hate that game, some parts super fun, other parts super annoying! But yeah..

    Anywho looking forward to Hyrule Warriors! A Zelda game where you can actually play as Zelda!? Genius! XD. Also glad to see Impa & Midna playable as well. And guessing that tease means Gannon might be playable too!? Dunno, but yeah, can't wait to get this in September!

    As for The 2015 Zelda-U, I get the feeling the team took some inspiration from Princess Mononoke & Naussica for this one…just call it a hunch. :p

    P.S. Still hoping we get that Majora's Mask 3DS port someday!

  • I'm super excited for both Zelda U and Hyrule Warriors. Seeing Zelda and Midna as playable characters completely sold me on the latter as being a must-buy. And since I bought a WiiU for Zelda, I of course have to pick up the next installment in the series, and that trailer has me very much looking forward to next year.

    And yes, I'm hoping we get a 3DS Majora's Mask remake at some point. My brother and I completed yet another playthrough of that game just last week, and I'd love to see an updated version.

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